Do you have an existing website but it has problems?

Maybe you don’t like the look?

Maybe it’s hard for you to update it.

Maybe you want to start a blog, or add other features and content to your website.

We can help.

At Photography Orders, we have a wealth of web knowledge, and we are a web services firm that only works with Photographers.

All of our solutions are custom designed to suit your needs. From small 4 page websites to fully developed custom applications.


Why upgrade your website with Photography Orders?

  • Give your website a new modern look
  • Get your website built by photography website specialists
  • We have a results oriented approach. All our websites are built to meet objectives and reach goals.
  • All of our websites are built to be easy to use
  • Great looks. First impressions count!
  • We have done hundreds of hours of research in the web design industry. The solutions we recommend are based on fact – not opinion.
  • Most importantly, we have spent three years in business delighting our clients.


How it works

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Past client

1. Requirements analysis

We work with you to discover your exact requirements. It could be a simple website and order taking solution, or it could be an extensive website with a blog, portfolio galleries, custom page layouts, slideshows and more.

2. Scope and quote

At this stage, we provide you with a detailed project plan document that details all of the requirements of your theme. We will also provide you with a fixed cost quote, and an estimate of how long it will take to complete your website.

3. Design

Our designer will then design a mock-up of how your website will look. The mock-up will show you exactly what the website will look like.

4. Development

Once the design is completed, the website is developed into HTML and CSS. Any features that come along with the theme are developed as well.



The cost of a website upgrade depends on the complexity involved. For a quick quote, please fill in the form below.

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