Custom theme example

Custom theme example

Do you already have a website and want Photography Orders to match your website exactly?

We can help.

Our theme designers can make Photography Orders look exactly like your website, so your customers will never know the difference!


Benefits of a custom theme

  • If your customers experience matters a great deal, a custom theme will create a seamless interaction between your website and Photography Orders
  • Your branding and image play an important role in your marketing. A custom theme allows complete control of your branding and image
  • You get access to the same people that have built our range of premium themes
  • We work EXCLUSIVELY with photographers
  • We can make Photography Orders do anything! Slideshows, different gallery formats, custom layouts, full screen themes, and more.
  • We have served hundreds of photographers and have been in business for over 3 years.


How it works

Example of a custom theme

Example of a custom theme


1. Requirements analysis

We work with you to discover your exact requirements. It could be as simple as changing some colours, or it could be as extensive as a complete overhaul of the way Photography Orders looks and works.

2. Scope and quote

At this stage, we provide you with a detailed project plan document that details all of the requirements of your theme. We will also provide you with a fixed cost quote, and an estimate of how long it will take to complete your theme.

3. Design

Our designer will then design a mock-up of how your theme will look. The mock-up will show you exactly what the theme will look like.

We create a design for a minimum of four key page templates:

  • Login page
  • Gallery page (photo thumbnails)
  • Photo page
  • Content page

4. Development

Once the design is completed, the theme is developed into HTML and CSS. Any features that come along with the theme are developed as well.

The theme is then installed into the Photography Orders template system and launched live on your website.



The cost of a custom theme design depends on the complexity of the theme you require. For a quick quote, please fill in the form below.

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