Payfast integration released

We’re just released a new version of Photography Orders, now with Payfast as a payment option you can offer your customers.

Payfast is a popular payment provider in South Africa.

If you’re an existing customer, you can download the new update from the download link you received in the confirmation email when you first purchased.


New version: Administration interface released

Today we are releasing our new administration interface for Photography Orders!

The interface is still very easy to use, and now it has been given a face lift so that it’s more appealing as well.

Here’s a screenshot:

New Administration Design

You can see the whole thing in action on our live demo.

Why did we do this?

Firstly, Photography Orders is now a hell of a lot sexier!

Also, as our current users will know, before today, the admin theme was exactly the same as the front end theme (the front end theme is the theme your clients see). If you changed your theme for clients, your admin theme changed. Therefore, if you wanted to create a theme for your users, it would also affect your administration area as well.

In upcoming versions, we’re rolling out a bunch of new front end themes very soon, and separating the administration theme from the theme the clients see makes it a lot easier to make really fantastic themes for Photography Orders – not just for us, but for web designers as well.

Stay tuned for the new front end themes! And designers stay tuned for a new and simpler way to make themes for Photography Orders!

The new version is already available for download when you complete your purchase, and existing customers can download it using the link in the email they received after they purchased.




Sagepay integration released

We’ve just released integration with another payment option – Sagepay.

Sagepay is a service that allows you to accept credit cards.

Photography Orders now accepts:

  • Paypal
  • Offline Payment
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • Sagepay

If you would like integration with a service you use, please email us to let us know.

The release is now live – existing customers can download an update version of the software from the download link in their original email. New customers will receive the latest version.


Photography Orders 2.0 released. New Features!

We’re excited to announce that after a couple of months of beta testing, Photography Orders version 2 is now released.

Some of the enhancements in version 2:

  • Sub categories in galleries
  • Customise email templates
  • The interface has been improved. We’ve made the program flow faster and look nicer
  • We’ve completely rewritten Photography Orders. We did this because we have massive plans on the horizon, and rewriting the code base is going to allow us to add a lot more features soon

Unfortunately, you can’t directly upgrade from version 1 to version 2. When you upgrade to version 2, you will need to setup from scratch and reupload all of your galleries.

Photography Orders 2.0 is already available for download when you complete your purchase, and existing customers can download it using the link in the email they received after they purchased.



Updates to Photography Orders released

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released some updates to Photography Orders

  • Accept credit cards with integration
  • Enable or disable your clients from right clicking on your photos
  • Let your clients send photos as e-cards
  • Numerous bug fixes and small improvements in functionality

New customers will automatically receive the updated version. Existing customers can download the new version with the link you were sent when you first purchased Photography Orders!





Photography Orders v1.4.1 now on sale

So it has been a while in the making, but I’m happy to announce the latest version of Photography Orders is now on sale.

Version 1.4.1 has been highly anticipated because of the added functionality of digital downloads.

I’d like to thank a number of beta testers who helped me out by rigorously testing the software.

Thanks all, and happy snapping.


Photography Orders winner chosen

Thank you to all who entered the competition to win the first copy of Photography Orders v1.4.1, which features selling digital downloads.

We had way more entries than we ever expected, and we’re excited for the upcoming release of v1.4.1.

We’ve chosen and contacted the winner and we’re waiting for a reply.

More details about v1.4.1 and who the winner was will follow!


A big thank you + upcoming features

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has helped give direction on our new Uservoice Forum, by voting on upcoming features. It’s great to have customers that are willing to help improve the product for everyone.

I’d like to make a quick announcement that based on the feedback, we’ve started development on the coupons feature. Photographers will be able to enter fixed price or percentage based discounts, that customers can claim when they are checking out.

The current plan is to release it in the next 2-4 weeks. Stay tuned…


We want your feature ideas!

Lately, improving Photography Orders has fallen to the wayside. As you might know, Photography Orders is a product that we’ve developed as a web design and development firm, VDP Websites. Lately, we’ve been very busy building websites for clients, and just haven’t had the time to devote to Photography Orders.

Not anymore! We’re hiring a developer who will be dedicated to improving Photography Orders.

What it means to you is that Photography Orders is going to get new features.

Your chance to get a say in what happens

As a photographer, you know better than most how we can improve Photography Orders. So we’ve setup a way for you to recommend and vote on features you’d like to see.

It’s easy, just go to and start voting!


Installation just got easier

We’re constantly trying to make Photography Orders a better product for photographers.

As part of that, we’ve just updated our install process to cut out a few steps and make it easier.

Instead of messing around updating files, there’s now an install script that does all the configuration for you.

Here’s a screenshot:

Photography Orders configuration screen

Configuration screen

We hope this new addition makes installation easier for our new customers.