We’re happy to announce we’ve just released version 1.3!

We have received a lot of customer feedback, and the goal in version 1.3 was to make Photography Orders more robust and expand its usefulness.

Here’s a list of what we’ve done.

Public Galleries

Public galleries was a hotly requested feature. Public galleries allow event photographers to create galleries without the need to create a client first.

Payment options, checkout and order processing

The major part of v1.3 was to move order processing from offsite (Paypal/Google Checkout), into Photography Orders. Now customers checkout in Photography Orders before being paying.

You can now offer more than one payment option at a time. We’ve added support for Moneybookers, which is an alternative to Paypal, especially for countries and currencies where Paypal doesn’t service. We’ve also added support for offline payment methods. You can choose to allow customers to pay offline/later.

Orders are now saved in Photography Orders. You can view orders you’ve received and update their status/comments, rather than just receiving an email with the order details.

Navigation and design improvements

  • Prev/next buttons on the show photo page mean customers can now move forward and backward in a gallery without having to go back to the gallery
  • Caching of photos means customers load photos once, and after that, they load instantly. This creates a much faster and nicer experience
  • Watermarking can now be selectively used. Previously, you could only toggle the watermark for all photos. In 1.3, the watermark setting determines if a watermark will be placed on newly uploaded photos.
  • Pagination of photos. Galleries are now split over several pages, with 32 photos per page. Previously, photos would all load on the one page
  • Minor improvements to the interface.
  • Go back buttons have been reworded and

We hope you like version 1.3. If you have any feedback, questions, praise or found bugs, please let us know in our forums.