Support desk

Please submit all support requests through our support desk here.


Level 2 support

Level 2 support includes

  • Installation service
  • Upgrade service
  • Fixing hosting issues with hosting companies that are not on our PO Certified hosting list

Level 2 support is $50 per issue. Purchase using the button below, then submit a support request with your problem and the Paypal receipt number to our help desk and we will fix your problem. If we can’t fix your problem, or the problem was caused by a bug, we will refund you.

When you purchase a support ticket, please send us the following information:

FTP hostname:
FTP username:
FTP password:
Hosting Control Panel login url:
Hosting Control Panel username:
Hosting Control Panel password:
URL Where Photography Orders is installed:
Photography Orders Admin Password:



Feature requests

Got a feature you would like to see? We’d love to hear it. Submit it to our feature forum here.

All new development ideas are taken from our feature forum, and we highly appreciate your feedback.


Bug reports

Found a bug? Firstly, please upgrade to the latest version as it’s possible we’ve already fixed it.

If you’re on the latest version and the bug still exists, please report it by sending us an email. Include as much information about the bug as possible, including steps on how we can reproduce the bug, and any links that might be helpful.

We patch bugs as quickly as we can.