Unsure what hosting is?

We encourage you to checkout our web presence setup guide.


Hosting company requirements

You will need a Linux web server with:

  • Apache with mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP 5 with the GD2 extension installed
  • safe_mode turned off
  • allow_url_fopen turned ON
  • MySQL
  • The ability to set permissions
  • PHP Short Tags enabled
  • memory_limit set to as high as possible, at least 256M. The higher the memory_limit, the bigger the photos you can upload
  • PDO Libraries enabled

The majority of web hosts will have these features installed. Photographer’s are encouraged to check with us if unsure.


Photography Orders Certified hosting companies

We recommend these companies because they have been tested by lots of our customers.

  • GoDaddy Linux hosting – Economy plan is $5.09/month. It has 10gb of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Great option. There is a Deluxe plan which is $7.64/month and has 150gb of space. Also highly recommended. Sell digital downloads up to 10mb+ in size.
  • Dream Host $8.95/month for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage – this is a great option. With this host you can sell digital downloads up to 4-6mb in size.


Hosts Photography Orders will NOT work with

These hosts have settings that are NOT compatible with Photography Orders.

  • NetRegistry
  • 1and1 shared hosting