What programming language is Photography Orders written in?

Photography Orders is written in PHP/MySQL


Does Photography Orders use a framework?

It uses a lightweight PHP MVC framework called “Faster”. (https://github.com/volomike/Faster). It’s a very simple framework and any developer familiar with MVC will be able to pick it up very easily.


What are the hosting requirements for Photography Orders?

Please visit our hosting page for more information on the hosting requirements.


How is Photography Orders licensed?

The owned license for Photography Orders is a license for One Photography Business. The code can be used for multiple installs for one photography business – but each Photography Business must purchase one license.

For example, you have 3 clients that need Photography Orders. One client wants to install Photography Orders twice (one for stock photography, one for wedding photography). Even though you will install Photography Orders 4 times, you would only need to purchase 3 licenses.


Is there special developer pricing available?

Yes – the first license is full price, further licenses have a discount of $100. For large volumes, please contact us.