We’ve just released Photography Orders version 2.8.1. Here are the quick release notes:

  • Added photo editing ability (must be enabled in settings)
  • Added ability for client logins from remote forms via http://www.photographyorders.com/customer/form-creator/
  • Fixed issue with stats code not working properly
  • Removed Photography Orders footer link on all pages except for the shop page
  • Fixed a bug where order confirmation emails were appearing to come from the wrong email address
  • Fixed bug where br tags were showing up on bill to and ship to address in show order page on admin and on payment confirmed page
  • Fixed a bug with links to photos from within package selections not working

Allow clients to edit photos

This release gives you an optional feature to let your clients edit the photos. Your customers can turn the images black and white, do red eye reduction, tooth whitening, cropping, and many many many other photo editing features. Here’s a screenshot

photo editor

Let clients edit their photos using this easy to use photo editor

And here’s a video showing how it works

Login form on your website

Users that have been with us for a long time will remember that in version 1 of Photography Orders, we had a form generator that would let you put a form on your website where customers could login directly to their private gallery. We’ve just brought this back, the form creator is now available here.

Use the form generator to create the form you want, and then copy and paste the code into your website where you want the form to go.

Bug fixes

This update also fixes a few bugs from version 2.8.0.

How to get version 2.8

Existing owned license customers can get the latest version from their original download link. Upload the files over your existing files, then go to Settings->Upgrade and click the “Upgrade” button. A support ticket can be purchased for assistance with upgrading.

Important note for upgrading to Version 2.8.1 – If Photography Orders is installed in a subfolder, copy crossdomain.xml into the root folder of your website.

Make sure you backup your installation before upgrading. If you have modifications, make sure you backup those modifications before upgrading, and reapply those modifications after upgrading.

Existing hosted license customers can send us an email with your domain name and Photography Orders admin password to request an upgrade to the latest version.

New customers will automatically get the latest version.