We’re happy to announce the release of version 2.8 of Photography Orders!


The major feature of version 2.8 is the ability to sell packages. Using the packages feature, you can sell photos in groups. Let’s say you sell a photo book, with packages you can have your customer buy the book as one item, and then choose the photos to go inside the book. Or you can offer discounts like “Buy 2, get 1 free” using packages.

Go to Prices->Packages to add a package

Go to Prices->Packages to add a package

Packages front end

Packages front end

Client Uploads

Allow your clients to upload photos for you to print. To enable this feature, go to Settings and tick “Enable client uploads”. Once enabled, clients will be able to sign up on your website, upload photos, and purchase prints of them.

Clients can upload photos

Clients can upload photos

Other new features and changes

  • Facebook integration – Go to the Settings tab to enable public galleries to be shared, Liked, or sent via Facebook.
  • New Payment Gateways – Multi Safe Pay and Authorizenet Direct Payment Integration
  • Modern Grey theme is now tablet friendly
  • Digital downloads that are free are now available instantly after ordering
  • Add extra css to your premium theme without having to edit the files
  • See how many views a gallery has had
  • Add statistics tracking code (Google Analytics and similar) easily
  • We removed Photography Orders name from a lot of emails, eCards, etc
  • Improved the order confirmation email sequence
  • Added missing translations
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements

The Packages and Facebook integration features are only available on the premium themes (the non customisable themes). We want to judge the demand for these feature in the Default theme before releasing it for the Default theme.

How to get version 2.8

Existing owned license customers can get the latest version from their original download link. Upload the files over your existing files, then go to Settings->Upgrade and click the “Upgrade” button. A support ticket can be purchased for assistance with upgrading.

Important note for upgrading to Version 2.8 – if you are not using the default theme, make sure you delete all the files in app/themes/[your_theme_name]/Client. These have been replaced by files in app/themes/premium_base/Client

Make sure you backup your installation before upgrading. If you have modifications, make sure you backup those modifications before upgrading, and reapply those modifications after upgrading.

Existing hosted license customers can send us an email with your domain name to request an upgrade to the latest version.

New customers will automatically get the latest version.

Future updates and feature requests

You can keep track of all our developments on our development roadmap, and you can request features and vote on what features you would like to see in the next version of Photography Orders on our feature forum.

If you find any bugs, please send us a bug report so we can fix it ASAP. In your bug report, please be very specific about how we can reproduce the bug.

Custom development service

If you would like a feature or a design of Photography Orders to be customized for you, please take advantage of our custom development service. Over the last year, our custom development service has been very popular, and we’ve recently employed more people so we can better service our customers.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support, and we look forward to your feedback!