With lots of new versions coming out all of the time, a lot of people ask us about upgrading. Here’s all the information you will need to know about upgrade.

How to get the latest files

When you first purchased Photography Orders, you received a download link. That download link is your unique download link, and when upgrades are released, you can download the latest version from that link.

If you don’t have that link anymore, email our support quoting your original paypal transaction number and the email address that was associated with your purchase, and we’ll resend the link.

How you can tell what version you’re currently using

Since version 2.3, your version number is shown at the bottom of your admin screen.

If you can’t see the version number there, you can tell that you are using version 2.x if the top part of your admin screen is green.

If your admin screen is the same colours and design as where your clients login, you are using version 1.x

Upgrading from version 2.x

To upgrade from version 2.x, copy the files from the zip file over the files on your hosting account. Then login to your admin screen, go to Settings->Upgrade, and click the Upgrade button.

Upgrading from version 1.x

Version 2 of Photography Orders was completely remade, so version 1 and version 2 are not compatible.

If you are running version 1 of Photography Orders, you need to install version 2 and then copy all of your existing photos and settings across manually.

If you have too many photos to transfer across, we recommend that to install version 2 and use version 2 for all new clients, and slowly phase out your use of version 1.

An important note about modifications

If you make modifications to Photography Orders, make sure that you backup any files that you have modified, otherwise they will be overwritten by the upgrade process.

When we make modifications to a system, we write down what file was modified and where, so that the file can be backed up during an upgrade, and the same modification can be made again easily.

Upgrade service

We also offer an upgrade service if you do not wish to upgrade yourself.

For hosted licenses (licenses where you pay a recurring fee), we offer this service free of charge, and you just need to email us and tell us your domain name.

For owned licenses, please purchase a support ticket and send us an email with your ftp details, your cPanel or hosting administration details, and your Photography Orders admin password, and we will perform the upgrade for you.