We’re happy to announce the release of version 2.6 of Photography Orders!

The major feature of version 2.6 is the ability to create new categories in your price lists. Before, you could put prices under the heading “Print Sizes” or “Digital Download Sizes”. Now you can make any headings you want, like “Framed”, “Canvas”, etc.

We also fixed a few bugs and made a few small changes. Here’s the full list:

- New feature: Separate price lists into categories. Go into your price list and click Add category to make new categories of prices
- Made checkout 2 column layout instead of 1 column layout for premium themes
- Fixed a bug where editing prices in a price list would show up as 0 when the currency was set to pounds
- Fixed a bug where uploads in IE weren’t working properly
- Added new translations
- Changed default theme so that thumbnails don’t get cropped
- Changed order summaries to display line totals instead of a running subtotal
- Changed coupons to calculate based on the full order total instead of the subtotal

Existing owned license customers can get the latest version from their original download link. Upload the files over your existing files, then go to Settings->Upgrade and click the “Upgrade” button. A support ticket can be purchased for assistance with upgrading.

Existing hosted license customers can send us an email and request an upgrade to the latest version.

New customers will automatically get the latest version.

You can keep track of all our developments on our development roadmap, and you can request features and vote on what features you would like to see built on our feature forum.