New version: Administration interface released

Today we are releasing our new administration interface for Photography Orders!

The interface is still very easy to use, and now it has been given a face lift so that it’s more appealing as well.

Here’s a screenshot:

New Administration Design

You can see the whole thing in action on our live demo.

Why did we do this?

Firstly, Photography Orders is now a hell of a lot sexier!

Also, as our current users will know, before today, the admin theme was exactly the same as the front end theme (the front end theme is the theme your clients see). If you changed your theme for clients, your admin theme changed. Therefore, if you wanted to create a theme for your users, it would also affect your administration area as well.

In upcoming versions, we’re rolling out a bunch of new front end themes very soon, and separating the administration theme from the theme the clients see makes it a lot easier to make really fantastic themes for Photography Orders – not just for us, but for web designers as well.

Stay tuned for the new front end themes! And designers stay tuned for a new and simpler way to make themes for Photography Orders!

The new version is already available for download when you complete your purchase, and existing customers can download it using the link in the email they received after they purchased.