How can I integrate Photography Orders with my Photobiz website?

I recently received this query from a customer.

I was checking out your product (Photography Orders) and wondered if you could integrate with a website. I’m exploring various options for a shopping cart, but I’m completely clueless when it comes to what’s required (code in the actual website? A new domain name? Who’s hosting? etc). Would you be able to give me a little more info?

I get variants of this question a lot, so I thought I’d post the answer here.

So PhotoBiz is a hosted application. That means, your website with them always has to be hosted with them. Also, Photobiz don’t allow you certain access to the hosting account, so we can’t install Photography Orders on Photobiz servers.

This means, to integrate a Photobiz website with a Photography Orders shopping cart, you need another web hosting account for Photography Orders, and then you can place a link on your Photobiz website to Photography Orders.

So for hosting, there are a few options. We have a hosted account option, or you can sign up with another web host like Dreamhost. Here is a bit more information about hosting:

In terms of the domain, you can point a subdomain of to your Photography Orders. So for example, you could make the address for Photography Orders.

You can also get a subdomain of Photography Orders. So for example,

The last option people sometimes choose is to register a new domain for Photography Orders – so for example,