A big thank you + upcoming features

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has helped give direction on our new Uservoice Forum, by voting on upcoming features. It’s great to have customers that are willing to help improve the product for everyone.

I’d like to make a quick announcement that based on the feedback, we’ve started development on the coupons feature. Photographers will be able to enter fixed price or percentage based discounts, that customers can claim when they are checking out.

The current plan is to release it in the next 2-4 weeks. Stay tuned…


We want your feature ideas!

Lately, improving Photography Orders has fallen to the wayside. As you might know, Photography Orders is a product that we’ve developed as a web design and development firm, VDP Websites. Lately, we’ve been very busy building websites for clients, and just haven’t had the time to devote to Photography Orders.

Not anymore! We’re hiring a developer who will be dedicated to improving Photography Orders.

What it means to you is that Photography Orders is going to get new features.

Your chance to get a say in what happens

As a photographer, you know better than most how we can improve Photography Orders. So we’ve setup a way for you to recommend and vote on features you’d like to see.

It’s easy, just go to http://photographyorders.uservoice.com and start voting!


Installation just got easier

We’re constantly trying to make Photography Orders a better product for photographers.

As part of that, we’ve just updated our install process to cut out a few steps and make it easier.

Instead of messing around updating files, there’s now an install script that does all the configuration for you.

Here’s a screenshot:

Photography Orders configuration screen

Configuration screen

We hope this new addition makes installation easier for our new customers.