Announcing Photography Orders version 1.4

We’re happy to announce we’ve just released version 1.4 of Photography Orders.

In 1.4 we wanted to give more options to how you display your Photography Business.


The biggest addition to Photography Orders are themes. We’ve redesigned Photography Orders and come up with three themes, black/dark, grey, and light. We’ve also made it so you can easily go in and modify the look and feel of Photography Orders.

We’re sure you’ll love this addition, and that you’ll have no problems matching Photography Orders to your existing branding.

Choose from 3 default themes, then customize them to suit

Choose from 3 default themes, then customize them

By default, the selected theme ‘Royal Dark’.

Content Blocks

Another inclusion in this update is a feature that allows you to add notes. When your client first logs in, you can display content to them. Also, on each gallery, you can write notes that the client will see. In these blocks, you can promote specials, tell a story behind the gallery, put dates, etc.

gallery notes

Display notes to your customers

Minor features and fixes

We’ve also added support for tax, fixed quite a few bugs and made little enhancements here and there.

Available now

1.4 is now live and available for purchase. Existing customers can download v1.4 for free from their original download link, and can purchase a ticket from here for an upgrade service.

We hope you like v1.4, as always, leave your feedback in the forums.