Wedding photographers can increase sales of wedding photographs by enabling wedding guests to view and purchase selected photographs.

The Problem

The problem is that increasingly wedding guests travel from far and wide to attend a wedding.  Meaning that they can not attend your studio or even the lucky couples house to view the photographs.

This inability to view the photographs means lost sales


The solution is consists of two parts:

1.     Let the guests view, select and purchase photographs online in a secure area; and

2.    Secondly be able to do it with the minimum of costs and effort to you, the wedding photographer.

Photography Orders enables you to do this, providing a secure area to view, select and sell photos, whilst enabling you to provide this service with the minimum of effort.

Additional Benefits

Photography Orders software can be easily linked to your website. Providing clients with a secure log in link directly from your website.

Then let your married couple and their immediate family promote the site and link to their friends and family!

This means you can promote your website to wedding guests as the landing point to log in to view photographs. This delivers two benefits:

1.     Increased web traffic to your site – always good to help search engine rankings, and
2.     Opportunity to promote yourself to the wedding guests, a starting point for word of mouth marketing.